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Richland County – Second Degree Reckless Homicide Not Guilty Verdict

Attorney Saperstein’s client was charged with Reckless Homicide for allegedly shoving a terminally ill landlord in a dispute over rent; the landlord died two weeks later. Attorney Saperstein convinced the jury to acquit the client on the homicide charge, arguing that medical evidence could not decisively show that the landlord died from the push and […]

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Richland County – – Not Guilty Verdict at Jury Trial in Second Degree Reckless Endangering With a Weapon

Attorney David E. Saperstein’s client was initially charged with Attempted Homicide in Richland County when three witnesses alleged that Saperstein’s client tried to stab one of them with a knife on the sidewalk between the client’s house and a next door tavern. The charge was amended to Felony 2nd Degree Reckless Endangerment (with a weapon), […]

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Iowa County – Posession of Firearm By A Felon Charge Dismissed

Attorney David E. Saperstein’s client was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon when he was stopped by a DNR Warden who was routinely checking deer hunting licenses & tags. The client had a legally issued gun hunting license, even though he had been convicted of a felony over 25 years previously. Attorney […]

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Iowa County – Pointing A Firearm At A Person Charge Dismissed

Attorney David E. Saperstein’s client was charged with pointing a firearm at a person for allegedly protecting himself, his fiance and his home by pointing a firearm at an unwanted visitor. Attorney Saperstein’s investigation of the case revealed serious questions about the complaining witnesses’ credibility, and the case was dismissed on the eve of trial. […]

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Richland County – OWI Second Offense Reduced To Reckless Driving Citation

Attorney David E. Saperstein’s client was charged with 2nd Offense Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated. Attorney Saperstein successfully negotiated an amendment down to a reckless driving citation based on weaknesses in the State’s evidence that he discovered during his pre-trial investigation. […]

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