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Business or Government Investigative Team

Author: John C. Mitby

A client called seeking advice on how to handle unauthorized access to its computer system. The client was concerned about the confidentiality of its business records. How did the attorney help? The attorney directed an investigation that documented facts and provided the company a road map for the intruder’s prosecution and assisted in obtaining restitution for the client. Also, in such instances, if necessary the investigation information is provided to the FBI.

Another client needed help in a complex personnel matter. The result was a factual report that served as a road map for the client’s management as to how to address the issues.

We can help your business sort out the facts, deal with the legal issues and the public relations issues, and provide credibility that the facts have been fully investigated, reviewed, and analyzed. We are also able to provide suggested solutions from the need to help protect one’s business (whether for profit, not-for-profit, or municipal) from possible civil action to regulatory or criminal reporting, public relations matters, and the need, if necessary, to engage one’s insurance carrier. We know how to best deal with and prevent such a problem in the future. If personnel action is required, the proper advice, based upon investigated facts, can help resolve a variety of complex employment issues.

We have the expertise to assist clients in these matters: from a highly respected trial lawyer and a former trial judge to lawyers with experience in business, tax, IT and computers, forensic, insurance, regulatory agencies, complex civil and criminal litigation, employment law, and cooperation with law enforcement.

Our Investigative Team can be retained to perform services on an hourly rate or on an agreed upon flat fee.

We have the experience and have handled these sensitive assignments before. Below are just a few of the areas of investigated cases that our attorneys have been involved in:

  • Theft or fraud relating to financial instruments
  • Discharge or discipline of key executive officers or board members
  • Financial or bank irregularities
  • Allegations of sexual misconduct
  • IRS investigations
  • SEC investigations
  • Federal and state criminal investigations
  • Interfacing with law enforcement on behalf of client
  • IT and computer forensics
  • Professional licensure investigations

All matters are handled with detailed factual investigations, confidentiality as appropriate, completed promptly with accurate reports and clear recommendations on the proper course of action, including how to best handle regulator and insurance claim reporting and the press. The upshot is information that the client (board, management, and staff) can rely on. And most important, the work is done promptly in a professional way.

If you wish to discuss investigative matters with our Investigative Team, contact Attorney John C. Mitby, at email: and telephone: 610-310-5556. We are more than willing to visit your place of business or, if appropriate, an offsite location.