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An Expunged OWI Counts for Purposes of Determining Penalties for Subsequent OWIs

Attorney Sarah SchuchardtPhone: 608-257-0945Email: The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling on December 21, 2018 in State of Wisconsin v. Justin A. Braunschweig, 2018 WI 113, that a prior expunged OWI must be counted when determining penalties for subsequent OWIs.  State of Wisconsin v. Justin A. Braunschweig, 2018 WI 113, ¶ 2.  The […]

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Non-Competes: Considerations for Both Employers and Employees

Author: Attorney Elizabeth L. Spencer Phone: 608-257-0945 Email: When an employer and an employee end their employment relationship, there are many loose ends that need to be tied up. One area that employees should review and employers should be monitoring is the status of any non-compete agreement and any restrictive covenants. The Law A […]

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Texting While Driving Legislation

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-575-4077 Email: New Legislation Pending to Modernize Texting While Driving Statute The Wisconsin Association for Justice is promoting a bill that will modernize Wisconsin’s text messaging statute. The bill will expand the prohibited activities to entering, transmitting, or accessing data while driving. […]

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Wisconsin’s Implied Consent Law after State v. Blackman

By: David E. Saperstein Email: Phone: 608-257-0945 I see three big “take-aways” from last month’s surprising decision by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (SCOW) in State v. Blackman1. The assertion that probable cause still matters in the context of Wisconsin’s beleaguered Implied Consent Law is perhaps the biggest take-away. Coming in a close second, […]

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MillerCoors LLC v. Millis Transfer Inc.: An Expensive Lesson about Indemnity Provisions

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Law Sarah Schuchardt Phone: 608-575-4077 Email: In MillerCoors LLC v. Millis Transfer Inc., Zurich American Ins. Co., 2015AP1894 (WI Ct. App. 2017), the Court of Appeals of Wisconsin affirmed the holding of the circuit court, which found that Millis had breached its duty to defend and indemnify MillerCoors […]

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Estate Planning FAQ: Internet Estate Plans

Author: Attorney Tom Vercauteren Email: Phone: 608-257-0945 Q: I have friends who did their Estate Plan on the internet. Should I do that? A: The past several years have seen a rise in the number of websites offering “self-help” estate planning services. These websites provide forms that individuals can use to prepare their own […]

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Engineer, Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Governmental Immunity

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Law Clerk Elizabeth L. Spencer Phone: 608-575-4077 Email: The Wisconsin Supreme Court in Melchert v. Pro Elec. Contractors, 2017 WI 30, 892 N.W.2d 710 again addressed the concept of  governmental immunity for private contractors who perform work on behalf of a government entity. Private contractors should take note […]

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