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Civil Litigation

We are trial lawyers: experienced and accomplished. So we know that the best thing we can do for our clients is to keep them out of court. We will work with you and guide you through negotiation, mediation or arbitration to resolve your dispute.

Sometimes court can’t be avoided. In that event you’ll find our representation intelligent, thoughtful, vigorous and cost effective. We represent individuals, small businesses and large enterprises before state and federal courts and administrative tribunals. We are recognized by Super Lawyers®, Best Lawyers in America®, and Benchmark Litigation®; and we regularly teach judges, lawyers and law students about trial work.

Complex Civil Litigation

Laws often become more complex over time, and that affects individuals and businesses alike. We have extensive experience handling suits involving difficult and evolving areas of law, including securities fraud, racketeering, trade secrets, antitrust and other commercial torts. Other lawyers refer many clients to us, because they trust our ability to handle disputes like these.

We understand complex questions involving digital evidence; we have the expertise to identify problems and opportunities in Internet and computer forensic cases, and to develop creative strategies to deal with them head on. We frequently serve as consulting and forensic experts assisting other attorneys, and we provide training to others in technology and digital investigations.

Employment Law

The challenges in growing a business aren’t confined to operations. Increasingly, employers must be aware of the often changing rules governing wages and hours of employment, discrimination, family and medical leave, and sexual harassment. Employers must establish and implement company policies to avoid costly claims. We can help you minimize the risk of claims both during employment and after termination.

We also assist individuals and businesses in negotiating executive compensation, and in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, including non-compete clauses and non-disclosure agreements.