University Discipline and Underage Drinking

Non-academic Misconduct

For young adults, life on campus brings many new choices. These choices may cause a student to be found responsible for non-academic misconduct, even for conduct that is unrelated to the student’s studies and which may not have occurred on campus. Such a finding can lead to suspension and even expulsion from the university; and may restrict the student’s ability to enroll at another university. Other collateral consequences, such as being disqualified from receiving federal financial aid or being dismissed from student housing can also result from non-academic misconduct proceedings.

We regularly represent students who have been accused by the Dean of Students of engaging in non-academic misconduct (as well as academic misconduct). Conduct such as underage drinking, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct or any number of more serious criminal offenses, may result in a finding of non-academic misconduct. Criminal charges need not be filed before the university disciplinary process is triggered.

We know how to best protect your interests

We know how to best protect our client’s interests so that their statements to the Dean of Students may be protected from disclosure. We assist our clients in meeting with the investigating officer and providing information that is exculpatory or explanatory. When findings of misconduct are imminent, we assist by negotiating agreed-upon discipline. And, when necessary, we fight for our client at disciplinary hearings where the university’s burden of proof is lower than in a criminal proceeding.

Underage Drinking

We also regularly represent students who have been issued a citation for underage drinking (in both municipal court and circuit court). We help our clients obtain the best result and avoid collateral consequences, such as the suspension of their operating privilege, usually without their having to appear in court.

We provide experienced, effective representation at competitive rates.

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