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Green County – Criminal OWI, PAC, Operating after Revocation and IID Charges Dismissed

Jonas’ client was charged with criminal Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI), Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC), Operating after Revocation (OAR) and Failure to Install an IID. Client was stopped by police while driving on a gravel road in a private campground. Each of the charges against the client required the State […]

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Dane County – Reduced Jail Sentence, Served on Electronic Monitoring, for Felony OWI with Injuries

Jonas Bednarek’s client was charged with felony Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) 3rd offense, after being involved in an accident that resulted in serious injury to passengers in the other vehicle as well as to the client. Jonas filed motions to exclude evidence, including the blood test, arguing that the client did not consent voluntarily to […]

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Operating Under Influence of an Intoxicant (OWI)

(1) No person may drive or operate a motor vehicle while: (a) Under the influence of an intoxicant, a controlled substance, a controlled substance analog or any combination of an intoxicant, a controlled substance and a controlled substance analog, under the influence of any other drug to a degree which renders him or her incapable of […]

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