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Wisconsin Supreme Court Permits Warrantless Taking of Blood from an Unconscious Driver

By: Attorney Marcus J. Berghahn Phone: (608) 257-0945 Email: Attorney Marcus Berghahn was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Waters program about the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision.  Listen to the discussion here: On July 3, 2018, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held in State v. Mitchell, 2018 WI 84, that police  could take blood […]

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Decides Handgun Case

If Transporting a Handgun in an Automobile, You Should Have a Concealed Carry Permit to Avoid Criminal Liability By: Attorney Marcus J. Berghahn Phone: (608) 257-0945 Email: We previously wrote about a case in the Wisconsin Supreme Court dealing with the conflict of two statutes that address the carrying of a firearm in an […]

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Assembly Bill 773

The Wis. Legislature just passed the following bill. It is being presented to Governor Walker on April 2, 2018. It makes significant changes to Wis. civil court procedures in the following areas: bill concerns discovery procedures, class action, consumer lending statute of limitations and timely payment of claims. Here is the law under Assembly Bill […]

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Governor Walker Signs Important Revision to Wisconsin’s Asset Forfeiture Statutes Into Law Restoring Balance Between the Power of State and Rights of Its Citizens

By: Attorney Marcus J. Berghahn Phone: (608) 257-0945 Email: On April 3, 2018, Governor Walker signed 2017 Wisconsin Act 211, a bill that changes the rules the State has to follow when it seeks to forfeit property after it has been seized in relation to a crime. The Act significantly changes Wis. Stat. § […]

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Every Day Matters:  What constitutes “a day” for jail credit purposes?

By: Attorney David E. Saperstein & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-257-0945 Email: One of the more inconsistent practices of circuit courts in criminal sentencing hearings over the years has been the calculation of jail credit earned by a defendant prior to the sentencing hearing.  Depending on the jurisdiction, or even sometimes the […]

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Am I Entitled to My Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits?

Authors: Attorney Daniel J. Schlichting & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: (608) 257-0945 Email: A divorced spouse can receive a portion of their ex-spouse’s social security benefits. However, there are certain requirements in order to be eligible: You must be unmarried; You must be at least 62 years old; Your marriage to your […]

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Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law

Author:  Attorney Elizabeth Spencer Phone: 608-257-0945 Email: The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law (WFDL), Chapter 135 of the Wisconsin Statutes, is a far reaching collection of regulatory laws that govern supplier and dealer relationships and provides numerous protections to the dealers. Unlike, the majority of states with industry specific dealership laws, the WFDL covers almost […]

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Important Changes to CCAP Relating to Criminal Cases: Acquitted and Dismissed Cases Will Be Removed from CCAP Two Years after the Disposition

Author: Attorney Marcus J. Berghahn Email: Phone: 608-257-0945 The Director of State Courts, Randy Koschnick, announced that he will implement recommendations made by a study committee regarding the length of time certain case information is publicly available on CCAP. When the changes are implemented, those cases in which criminal charges are dismissed or which […]

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