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Craig Sager and the Age Old Estate Planning Question: To Probate or not to Probate?

Craig Sager was a popular sports reporter, primarily for the NBA, and perhaps best known for his loud attire and flashy wardrobe. Sager passed away from leukemia in December of 2016, survived by his second wife and five children (three from his first marriage and two from his second). Sager’s last will and testament, which […]

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Federal Regulation of Drones: UAS Integration Pilot Program

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-575-4077 Email:   Drones continue to grow in popularity and are available to buy for both professional and recreational use. As popularity has increased, state, local, and federal governments have been tasked with formulating regulations to govern drone usage. The Small Unmanned […]

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What Constitutes Sufficient Proof of a Prior OWI Offense?

By: Attorney David E. Saperstein & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-257-0945 Email:   Prior OWI convictions are not elements of subsequent OWI offenses; however, these prior convictions are used at sentencing in order to determine the penalties for the present offense. The State has the burden of proving convictions for prior OWI […]

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Legislature Considers Positive Change to Wisconsin’s Expungement Law

  By: Attorney David E. Saperstein & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-257-0945 Email: It is a well accepted fact that a criminal record will have a negative impact on many aspects of a person’s life — including employment opportunities, housing, educational opportunities, personal relationships and self esteem. For this reason, we as […]

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Retraction Policy – Why Websites Need One

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Law Clerk Sarah E. Schuchardt Phone: 608-575-4077 Email: Retraction Policy – Why Websites Need One             In the era of “fake news,” retraction policies are a must. Retraction policies state the procedures that a website has in place in order to remove information or statements from its website […]

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Probate Proceedings and Fee Shifting

Authors: Attorney Thomas S. Vercauteren & Attorney Elizabeth L. Spencer Phone: 608-575-0945 or 608-257-0945 Email:, While often overlooked in the context of a probated estate, attorney fees and costs may be available to the prevailing party of a contested matter. Recently, in Hartshorne v. Hurkman, 2016AP387 (Aug. 9, 2017), a three judge panel […]

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Stucco Exclusion Leaves Condominium Owner’s Stuck With Property Damage

Authors: Attorney John C. Mitby & Attorney Elizabeth L. Spencer Phone: 608-575-4077 or 608-257-0945 Email:, When property damage occurs to a condominium the owners will turn to their association for recourse. This will often implicate either an association’s insurance policy or that of its contractors. However, even if the policy initially appears to […]

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2017 So Far: Recent Wins in Criminal Cases

Attorney Jonas Bednarek and Attorney David Saperstein have both achieved great results for their respective clients. Take a look below for some of their most recent highlights. Dane County – Disorderly Conduct Dismissed Attorney Bednarek’s client was charged with Disorderly Conduct with modifiers for domestic abuse and use of a dangerous weapon. The charge was […]

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